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*****All services are done virtually using secure platforms*****

Guiding Voices offers two types of services, Blueprint Planning and Guide planning. Guiding Voices focuses on connecting individuals and families with resources within the state and community that are appropriate to their situation. 

Blueprint Planning Service
Guide Planning Service
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Guiding Voices offers Blueprint Planning. This service is appropriate for parents or caregivers that may need some assistance with coming up with a plan of action in order to reach a desired goal or outcome for their youth with an intellectual/developmental disability. A Blueprint Planner will provide guidance, while assisting the parent or caregiver with developing an individualize (blueprint) plan of action. Blueprints are individualized and can cover a variety subject matters. The Blueprint may potentially list appropriate resources and how they are accessed, identify community providers and other professionals, provide applicable recreational businesses, in addition to identifying a host of other entities that are appropriate and beneficial for the individual. This plan can include but is not limited to addressing medical needs, educational concerns, behavioral health concerns, navigating the transition into DDD, etc. A Blueprint Planner will meet with the parent or caregiver virtually for one session. In that session, information will be discussed to create a plan of action. Within 7-10 business days the written (blueprint) plan of action  is finalized and shared with parent(s) or caregiver(s). 

Guiding voices offers Guide planning. This is a follow up service to the blueprint planning service. This  is appropriate for parents and caregivers who may need to meet with a Blueprint Planner to assist with modifying and or adding to the original plan of action created in the Blueprint planning service. 

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Guiding Voices offers a variety of discounts on services. In addition, Guiding Voices offers a sliding scale for low-income families.  

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