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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blueprint Planner?

Guiding Voices labels the professionals that provide consulting/planning services for youth with developmental disabilities as blueprint planners. The main goal of the blueprint planner is to provide their client with a blueprint (plan of action) filled with recommendations, suggestions/strategies to address concerns.

What qualifications do Blueprint planners have?

Blueprint planners have either master degrees in a related field and a minimal of two years of planning experience for youth with developmental disabilities or seven years of a combination of education and experience working with and planning for youth with developmental disabilities 


Does Guiding Voices serve children who do not have a developmental disability?

Guiding Voices specializes in servicing the I/DD population, however in certain situations, Guiding Voices may be able to provide consulting services for youth who do not have a developmental disability. Please contact us in regards to services.


What is the process  for services offered by Guiding Voices?

Guiding Voices does an intake via phone. The phone intake is followed by a  scheduled 45 minute virtual meeting. A Blueprint (plan of action) is finalized and shared with the parent(s)/caregiver(s) 


What type of planning can Guiding Voices assist with?

Guiding Voices assist with almost every type of planning that would be necessary for youth a developmental disability.  Planning can include but is not limited to addressing medical needs, educational concerns, behavioral/mental  health concerns, and or accessing resources in the community.


Does Guiding Voices offer case management services?

Guiding Voices does not offer case management services, but does offer a Guide Planning service, which would allow for clients to meet with a Blueprint Planner to revise and give additional suggestions/recommendations on situations that may have changed since the original  blueprint planning session.


How can I find out more  details about being a monthly Sponsor for Guiding Voices?

Please contact us for more information regarding our monthly sponsor program. 

Is there a cost for Guiding Voices services?

Guiding Voices does charge for all services, however Guiding Voices offers a host of discounts and a sliding scale for low-income families.

Does Guiding Voices sale eGift cards? 

Yes, Guiding Voices does sale eGift cards.  eGift cards can be used to pay for  Guiding Voices services. Please click on the link below and follow prompts.

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